Sex tourism as a good reason to visit Baltics(Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and especially Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are newest EU members. Salaries and overall level of life haven't reached European level yet. But still criminal level is quite low already. Meaning spending time in Latvia is cheaper then in most countries of Europe and yet you will feel yourself safe there.

But speaking of sex tourism. There are really beautiful girls in Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania and not only in capital cities (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius). But still capital is a better place to visit if you are new to the country. Great transport infrastructure and lots of different level hotels. You can make your travel quite cheap or really comfortable - it's fully up to you and your desires. There lots of night clubs, bars and strip clubs for you to have a nice time. People around got that sex tourism is as good as any other business and you can almost any kind of services.

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Stay with and your sex tourism will be safe and pleasant.

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Estonia main infromation

Short description of Estonia in context of sex tourism. Gives basic information on country and sex industry. Read more about Estonia

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Information on ways of sex tourism and possible destination countries. Some hints on legal issues. Read more about sex tourism destinations

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Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will be accredited as a nonspecialized competitive festival
2014-09-19 00:50:46,

Sometimes then I scroll local news I see something like:

"Black Nights Film Festival is the th international film festival to be inducted to that category by FIAPF along with the expansion of the so far specialized EurAsia competition programme to "

And once again the text itself isn't that important. Neither it gives some actual information on Tallinn, Estonia inside life. But still - if you don't have better sources - even news like this are worth few seconds.
Estonian geo treasure spotted in Alps
2014-09-13 00:38:51,

Another thing to know about Estonia. I don't if you read things like this, but stopped by and have taken a closer look.

"One of the oldest hidden treasures of the GPS treasure hunt has been spotted after twelve years The cache contains Estonian sweets and theatre passes"

And this one looks like most important thing happend around for today. Estonia is a small one country - so news aren't that big as well :)!
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